Artist Statement

My work is centred around existential experiences of women in relation to gender, society, culture, religion and war. The themes of my work are a result of researching and exploring media for commentary and specific incidents. As an ongoing theme in my work, I view gender inequality as a direct result of patriarchal social, political and religious structures.

Among all the issues addressing women inequality, I am most disturbed by the continued sexual & physical violence towards women. 

Long scroll drawings, ink & pen drawings, printmaking & installation work are among many mediums through which I address feminism.  I have created 60 feet long scroll drawing in freehand style that have resulted in various individual ink & pen and printmaking works I have produced in the year 2016.  My Ink & Pen works from earlier years although not feminist in nature have provided a continuum for me to develop and almost typographical language of scroll making. My second scroll this year titled 'bold bodies' again is a groundwork for the next set of work i want to create around objectification of women & celebration of their own bodies with an unconventional portrayal.  

I continue to investigate what constructs feminism in the contemperory society and what is role of women in removing themselves from stereotypical gender roles that perpetuate patriarch attitudes. My current printmaking series "women, religion and war" addresses the same.

In the end, I also want to take my work for public intervention & create a dialogue. The installation project "Reflections" has created dialogues around gender identity and objectification, chastity and social responsibility for survivor healing.