I-Migrate Audience Participation

What does it mean for our society when a woman migrates to.. and from..?

Migration of women bring both possibilities and pains; from rich cultural exchange to loss of social and cultural structure.

Women of all ages and from any place, you are invited to send your story of what migration meant for you.Please do not mention your full name unless you wish to. 

Write your story in your own language, (happy or painful) and in your own words short or howsoever long you wish.  

Send your 1 or 2 of your photographs that best represent the story or you in the surroundings of the place you migrated to or migrated from. The photos and stories will be used to create my art project series- I-Migrated using linoleum carving and screen printing mixed media work.

You can send your material either directly to the project email or snail mail

Address to: 

Artist Suchitra Sharma

The Compound Gallery

1167 65th St, 

Oakland, CA 94608

For any questions, please email at or contact via my website

Inspirational Questions to tell your story

How far did you go?

How far have you come?

Did you want to come?

Are you a mother, a wife or a worker?

Are you stronger than before?

What have you gained?

What have you lost?

Do you fear?

Have you arrived?

What will happen?